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How Google's New Project Owl Update Can Affect Brands

Last week Google announced they would be implementing changes in an effort to combat inaccurate information and hateful search results from their search engine. In this article I'll cover the possible pros and cons of this update and how it can affect brands.

What is Project Owl and how it works

Project Owl is Google's update gives users the ability to report information they may deem inappropriate, inaccurate or offensive.

Let's see how it works:

1 A new link to a feedback form will appear underneath Google's suggested searches;

2 A new link to a feedback form will appear underneath "Featured Snippets;"

These changes have been implemented after Google has been scrutinized for sharing some questionable content. In December of 2016 the number one result for the search query "did the Holocaust happen" was linked to a pro-Nazi site. Other missteps include featuring Breitbart for a top science or news story regarding the Great Barrier Reef.

Project Owl is Google's reaction to combatting these problematic results. Whether it's inaccurate information or offensive search queries, Google wants to ensure that what we receive is reliable and relevant information.

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